Feed2IoT invites you to exploit the capabilities of the Feed2IoT Infrastructure in Nicosia and create new applications and solutions. Based on the European Commission’s Strategies the priorities are:

First Topic: A European Green Deal – In the Feed2IoT project, we aim at making the daily environmental impact in micro-areas more transparent through massive sensor deployments. Applications build towards this goal should quantify environmental impact of day-to-day events in a smart city/campus and reveal potential long-lasting impact given the data points we provide.

Second Topic: A Europe fit for the digital age – The Internet of Things is upon us. Multi-variate data from multiple locations and at a per-second rate can be easily collected. In Feed2IoT we expose these, as well as data from social media interactions between users and their environment. How can they be used to enhance our Smart city experience and in what ways?

Third Topic: An economy that works for people – Data is the new oil. With these come multiple opportunities to develop or grow existing businesses and business models. From an entrepreneurial point of view, and using the data available from the Feed2IoT infrastructure, can you identify and present to us which are these and their viability/go-to-market strategy

Process: The challenge will be launched on November 29th and will be live until the Feed2IoT Workshop Day, December 3rd at 17:00. During the Feed2IoT Workshop Day, participants are invited at Lab 007 at EUC, where a technical presentation of the platform and dedicated guidance will be provided.

Assessment: The suggested applications will be assessed based on the following criteria:

  • Originality of idea / Innovation
  • Quality of research methods and presentation
  • Impact on Market and opportunities for further development
  • Use of industry experts
  • Team Structure
  • Level of Implementation
  • Business Plan Roadmap
  • International collaboration

CyRIC and EUC will announce the winning solution before the closing of the Feed2IoT workshop.

How to Participate: Complete the form https://forms.office.com/r/GrpkAGyEkE

Application Submission:

To be considered eligible for assessment, all applicants should submit a .zip file with the following files:

  • Their application’s executable, i.e. APK file
  • Their application source code.
  • A README file in English. The README file should include instructions on how to compile the source code including dependencies with versions.

Any configurable variables within the project should also be placed under a configuration file to ease application build

Submission Address: hackathon@feed2iot.eu